Spend less on maintenance stops and spend more time on the road
OnCommand Connection reduces the time and cost of truck maintenance and hours of service tracking. Our Advanced Remote Diagnostics and Electronic Logging Device lets you:
  • Spend less money on unplanned maintenance
  • Spend less time in line at dealerships
  • Spend less effort tracking hours of service
  • Spend less time logging mileage state by state
Have Questions?
Call the OnCommand® Connection 24/7 Customer Support Center
All makes. All models
from 2007 and newer.
Powerful Back-Office
Keep track of driver availability, logs and DVIRs.
Time Management
Automatic auditing tells you how much time you have left.
Phone App
Driver Alerts
Alerts of upcoming violations.
Health Reports
View up-to-date health reports for all your vehicles (Class 6, 7, 8)
Set up in a Snap
Simple interface that walks you through set up.
With the power of OnCommand Connection you get access
to industry leading real-time advanced diagnostics, vehicle
health reports, fault code action plans, tax reporting
and more!
With telematics delivered directly from Oncommand Connection you get your data and action plans in one place—no matter the size or make of your fleet. FMCSA Certified
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