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Your truck or bus may be equipped with a communications device that is capable of transmitting vehicle information such as diagnostic trouble code data, vehicle location, and more.

When active, the device enables the vehicle owner to access vehicle information through OnCommand Connection,
an advanced remote diagnostics service that includes features such as:

  • Vehicle health reports, fault codes, and fault severity ratings
  • Customizable email alerts to stay informed on the most critical vehicle health issues
  • Location and route history, custom geo-fencing, and more
  • Remote over-the-over-the-air engine calibration and programmable parameter updates (requires the vehicle to be equipped with a compatible engine)

Access to the OnCommand Connection service requires a registered account. To learn more, or to inquire about enrollment, please call 888-661-6272, Menu Option 3, or email OnCommandConnection@Navistar.com. Please be prepared to share your VIN so we can provide details specific to your vehicle.

Please note that the device may be sending vehicle information to OCC Technologies LLC for purposes including, but not limited to, improving the performance, operation, health, and safety of your vehicle and other International and IC Bus products.

By continuing to provide to us, or allowing us to receive or retrieve, telematics information through the device(s) on your vehicle, you consent to its collection and use as set forth in the terms and conditions available at oncommandconnection.com. If you choose not to allow access to this data, you may suspend your subscription at www.InternationalTrucks.com/Opt-Out.

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